54 Arsenal Magazine. Atte prior to the. QPR game. Descending Mount McKinley. 54 Arsenal Magazine. The mountain man looks down on Emirates. The January issue of the official Arsenal Magazine is out now! The Arsenal Magazine is priced at £ and is available from Emirates Stadium on matchdays, all club shops and online. Copyright The Arsenal Football Club plc. Jun 8, Relaunched as an in-house publication in the summer of , the magazine has charted many memorable moments in the club's history.

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    Stolen from the Arsenal FC magazine. DECEMBER Picture. Download High Res PDF. File Size: kb. File Type: pdf. Download File. NOVEMBER. Arsenal the Collector's Edition captures the unprecedented history of Arsenal on ARSENAL FOOTBALL CLUB LEGENDS POSTER Arsenal HQ Magazine. The magazine the beautiful game deserves. SUBSCRIBE NOW Can Arsenal Be Arsenal Again? By David Hirshey | English Premier League, Issue 14 | No.

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    In m people watched the World Cup Final. There would need to be a successful team for there to be a successful business. Arsenal FC would need to continue to grow but Gazidis had multiple challenges off the pitch, with its shareholders and Board and on the pitch and training ground. Overall there had been an apparent drop in net worth of one third in only 18 months primarily due to its new stadium project. One option was to be part of the consortium re-developing the national Wembley Stadium.

    Arsenal Football Club — Emirates Stadium Developments NWAA the match-day revenues and meet demand but although the attendance figures were high at 73,, the atmosphere was not very encouraging and the Club had the cost of hiring the stadium and managing the event. This approach was rejected.

    Arsenal also looked at out-of-town locations in the suburbs of North London. Arsenal FC had been based in the London Borough of Islington since and with the support of the local government, as well as the local business and resident communities, it was hoped that the Club could remain there, staying with its roots.

    New Style Board Members With the help and drive of two entrepreneurial Board Members and shareholders David Dein and Danny Fiszman, both quite different from the other main shareholders and Directors, one new potential site was eventually more seriously investigated than others. David Dein, as a Football Association FA board member as well, had been a supporter of the national stadium, Wembley, option; Fiszman the much closer Ashburton Grove site. This was only m metres from the old stadium.

    In order to regenerate this area and gain provisional planning permission for more serious consideration of developing a new stadium there needed to be speculative planning negotiations at the same time as provisional business planning for the stadium if it were built.

    Ashburton Grove Stadium Development Local Community Stakeholders Stadium developments result in additional seating and higher secondary spending by spectators. Premium and super-premium services particularly corporate hospitality are potential ways to increase revenues substantially, although in some local and national markets with local government co-investment in the UK and regional stadiums in Germany for the World Cup, there is not such a developed role for company entertaining and boxes at major sports stadiums.

    Although Arsenal FC wanted to serve its local communities and its increasing family oriented fan-base, Edelman determined that it would need to have a higher percentage of premium and super-premium priced offerings to be financially viable. Although the Ashburton Grove site would be a complex project and a difficult brown-field site to develop, it would better suit further investigation than other out-of-town options considered.

    We had to provide them with a 25 year business plan. The first year of that was monthly model. With expertise in finance and with specialist leisure consultants the PWC team members then worked with the Club to assess how much latent demand there was for tickets and hospitality facilities in a new stadium which would have over 20, additional match-day spectators.

    However there would only be 19 EPL match-days in a season with an unpredictable number of other matches in European and English cup competitions. Arsenal Football Club — Emirates Stadium Developments NWAA membership lists, the associated season ticket waiting lists and examined the impact on demand for tickets and corporate sales at other recently developed stadiums, in the UK and other European territories.

    In order to test the potential demand for boxes and premium business seats PWC evaluated the current and planned target markets as well as the size of the non match-day corporate conference and premium group catering banqueting market in London. The Club waiting list for season tickets in was approximately 32, or which 10, would be allocated to the new stadium. This was a Red Club membership; Silver Club membership enabled higher yearly subscription members to additionally download unallocated match day tickets.

    In early the waiting list for season tickets had risen to 45, Two new membership levels were introduced Gold and Platinum, the latter reserved for new season ticket holder in the planned new premium Club level. The consortium of banks commissioned an exhaustive survey of football finances to tell them about the risks and rewards of the sector which was relatively small, little known in professional investment circles and had through previous histories like Leeds United and Leicester City, which had both become insolvent partly by assuming TV revenues in the top flight EPL, become seen as very risky.

    This was part of the obligations of Section of the Town and Country Planning Act of and the Club also needed to comply with the Disability Discrimination Act for the design and access to the new Stadium.

    This would reduce the impact on the transport and street infrastructure of the extra 22, fans on each match-day, as well as supporting local residents and local interest in the Club. Extra catering staff and management would be needed in new, higher quality settings.

    Arsenal Football Club — Emirates Stadium Developments NWAA Revenue Assessment On the revenue side of the potential investment decision that owners or banks need to make for stadium developments, potential benefits to support the risk come from the longer term increased capacity and better quality facilities to serve more spectators.

    In fact the Club set season ticket prices to be static for season ticket-holders for the final 2 years and for 2 years after the opening of the new stadium. The Club had a Charter which gave its commitments to its season-ticker holders and other fans. Since supply and demand in conference and banqueting businesses are difficult to match, many of the staff for these facilities are casual, part-time, low skilled staff.

    Although conference and banqueting are important potential revenue streams, the additional development of non- corporate, leisure and tourism markets are key, such as club tours with additional revenue from a museum and certainly the Club shop selling Club associated merchandise. The shareholders of the club did not originally include one individual with a large shareholding or recent, substantial personal and disposable wealth. Importantly too for the overall plan if the bankers supported it, was to sell the Highbury site and be the lead developer in building not only 1, homes on the potential new stadium site, once all the land downloads had been concluded, but to convert the old stadium to around apartments.

    It would be more profitable but more risky to be the developer rather than simply sell the land on its own. Arsenal Football Club — Emirates Stadium Developments NWAA construction on the old Highbury site could only happen on completion of a new stadium which would have to be at the start of a new season to enable the functions and staff to transfer and allow regulatory issues, like crowd health and safety approvals, to be processed.

    In the short run there would be a shortfall in Club generated property revenues and if there were substantial changes in the London property market the profit might be lower than estimated.

    ES Football newsletter

    If the Club was unable to continue its success in developing low cost, high performing players or had a short-term run when its pitch performance did not achieve high merit and associated TV revenues, then potential lenders might see that the risks would not only be short-term but longer term for paying back the interest on the capital being provided.

    Stadium Naming Rights The Club signed up with Envision and associated consultancies to try to secure a year deal for a naming rights partner to sponsor the whole stadium. Envision is part of the AEG Group the US founded company which owns stadiums and manages music and sports performances in their own and third party owned venues.

    Envision had wide experience of naming rights development and support. Focus groups were set up to understand potential responses from fans groups to an Arsenal stadium being named after a commercial group not the sports club itself. In the US naming rights is an important source of revenue for sports franchises as there is a ban on sponsoring sports shirts and other clothing, so companies are keen to develop a long-term association with a stadium.

    The construction company would also demolish the old stadium, once the new one was completed and build new apartments on the site under a different contract.

    And how Arsenal needed that money. It is planning to be one of the top 3 airlines in the world by and is currently the 9th largest.

    The airline had been the airline partner for the World Cup in Germany and had also sponsored many cricket events Gazidis, who had been responsible for the sponsorship of the US MSL had already made it known that the Nike and Emirates deals had not bee good for the Club and made it known through sources to a national British newspaper that, like its competitor Chelsea, he may re- negotiate some parts of the financing via brand sponsorship.

    There would be an additional 22, spectators at capacity with the final licensed maximum seating of 60, This put Arsenal with the second highest stadium capacity. To help in short-term financing the boxes were sold on long term contracts and many of the premium Club Level seats sold on 4 year contracts.

    Arsenal/Surrealist Subversion - Wikipedia

    There are substantial, additional catering revenues from the boxes served by 8 kitchens and 75 pantries providing up to 2, full meals each match-day. The super-premium Diamond Club had a unique entrance, a personal space guaranteed in the underground stadium parking area and the highest quality surroundings.

    After opening there was a waiting list for this category of 45 potential members. There are up to casual catering locations in the stadium as a whole, serving hot dogs, hamburgers, chips, sandwiches, wraps, tea, coffee, soft drinks, beers and ciders.

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    7 life lessons Arsene Wenger learned during his time at Arsenal

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